Odds and Suds is a family-run, quality soap-making business whose team
has a passion for creating the finest natural soaps in our workshop on the
Devon and Cornwall border.

Using traditional methods we take real pride in each and every batch that
we measure and whisk by hand.

We use natural ingredients blended with essential oils, herbs and spices,
all of which give our soaps their evocative aromas and earthy tones.

After the curing process our soaps are hand cut from the slab and
individually weighed.

Each soap we create is special and unique and is always free from
artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.

At Odds & Suds we pride ourselves in making products that are kind
to your skin so they are perfect for those that suffer with skin conditions
aggravated by chemical based mass produced products.

Why not give our products a try? If you require any further information, please
give us a call on 01822 618111 or email shop@oddsandsuds.com