Natural Handmade Soaps

Welcome to Odds and Suds, the home of a unique range of natural handmade soaps. If youíre looking for beautiful
gifts, unusual wedding favours or simply an indulgent treat, youíve come to the right place.

We think of ourselves as quality soap makers. All our smellies are only available exclusively from us either at our
shop in Tavistock or to buy online here.

Handmade is an over-used word, but in the case of our luxury soaps and bath products itís true. Each bar of soap is handmade in our own workshop then individually packaged by us by hand, in a specially selected combination of
paper, string and ribbon. The ingredients list for each product is reassuringly short and we know exactly what goes
into each bar to make it special. All new products share a long development process and no soap is launched until
we know our customers love it.

So if youíre looking for an unusual gift, or soap thatís kind to your skin, please try our soaps and bath products.
You wonít be disappointed.

Unlike mass produced soap and bath products, youíll find our ranges use only pure, natural ingredients making
them kind to the skin. And natural doesnít mean dull: All our soaps are beautiful to look at, something that can
only be achieved by master-soap makers. And of course they smell fantastic too.
Whichever soap you choose, youíll find its fragrance nuanced with the scent of your chosen soaps ingredients:
natural essential oils, herbs and spices.

Choose from a wide range of soaps including glycerine based options. Our range includes the intriguingly
sounding Bergamot and Patchouli, Cinnamon and Orange, and Lemongrass, Honey and Oats to name just three.
Once you try one, youíll be back for more.

Our soaps are complemented by a range of bath products. We apply the same attention to detail to these as we do
to our soaps. Our bath creamers turn bath time into an indulgent experience. Our range includes Blackberry
Bath Creamer which includes geranium and lavender and our bestselling Lady Marmalade Bath Creamer which includes mandarin, blood orange and tangerine.

Due to customer demand, we also produce Gift Boxes and Wedding Favours.
Gift boxes are very good value priced at £16.50 for 6 soaps or 3 soaps and 3 creamers.
All our Wedding Favours are double wrapped and cost £2.75 each.

Why not give our products a try? If you require any further information, please
give us a call on 01822 618111 or email